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St. Petersburg Downtown Improvement District

Growth is inevitable. Community investment is necessary.

Fountain from a park in DowntownWilliams Park Wood sign

Downtown St. Pete is changing rapidly.

As our city center continues to grow, it may be time to invest in urban management services offered in other Florida cities like Tampa and Jacksonville. Providing additional cleaning and safety measures will help to ensure our downtown remains a premier location to live, work, shop and dine with clean streets and safe parks. Investing now, while St. Petersburg still has a secure and desirable downtown, will make it less expensive to mitigate urban challenges that have impacted other large cities across the country, and will help protect property values for the long term.

Back alley from downtownBlue public mailbox covered in graffiti

A better downtown begins with us.

The St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership is exploring the creation of a Downtown Improvement District that would be funded and controlled by downtown property owners. The St. Petersburg Downtown Improvement District would provide additional security services, ambassadors, graffiti removal, trash collection, and give downtown businesses and residents more resources to strategically address issues in our changing urban center.

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